Theatre in Africa – Space-Body-Escape

Our workshop leader Christel Gbaguidi from Benin put the focus on people – their conditions and circumstances – wherever they were from: Africa, Europe, Berlin, Rudolstadt, Benin, Gambia or Esslingen. It was not just a theory. We, the participants of his workshop, represented these people: some with, some without experiences as refugees. Some come from the European continent, others are of African origin; some are from a safe background, others are from an insecure environment. Here or there, they are legally or illegally. They have come in inflatable dinghies across the sea or they don’t know the sea. Theatre in Africa – Space-Body-Escape weiterlesen

Productions from Benin and Argentina – a fascinating way to think outside the box

Two international guest performances complemented the festival programme Theatherwelten on two evenings. On Friday the artists of the “Arts Vagabonds” network presented “Maia”, a theatrical production of three chapters. It started as a narrative play in French which reports of a fight among the human senses. Next was a musical tale about encounters, parting, and reuniting which was solely told by dance of two chairs. Productions from Benin and Argentina – a fascinating way to think outside the box weiterlesen


Art as transmission of reality with its complex of social and socio-political problems in times of globalization exemplarily presented by Arts Vagabonds’ projects linking Germany and Benin, Africa and Europe.
by Christel Gbaguidi
When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, West-African Benin entered democracy. Taking notice of Benin the majority of Germans is reminded of its own capital city Berlin. Even though linguistic aspects may lead to confusion, both terms describe different worlds not only because of their geography, but also due to their socio-political or economic genuineness. THEATRE WORK IN BENIN weiterlesen