Contemporary Dance Theatre in North America – Our bodies are the pioneers of the moment to come

The floor that refuses classical ballet is made perceptible to us by dancer and work shop leader of contemporary dance, Ariel Cohen from Massachusetts/USA. We, the workshop participants, met and – un-/willingly – got to know each other better during our training units. Our bodies, aimless and purposeless, seemed rather naïve in their motions. One foot tread upon the other, inexperienced. Even that means dancing together. Everything is possible with dance and everything is different to what we have realized before. Our bodies are not “perfect”. Regarding the context of this work the athletic body is irrelevant. Instead, the untrained bodies vitalize and stimulate classical dance styles. Dance is a choreographed ritual, which has – just like life itself- more beastly sides than beauty. This thought is the unvoiced dogma of the dance work shop by Ariel Cohen.
The 10-minute-performance is the highlight of our self-awareness during the Festival Theaterwelten in Rudolstadt. During the performance our motions rarely speed up, however, they abruptly result in an existential furore. The array of human emotions, which we recall in selective explosions and repetitive motion sequences, exhibit us as human being on stage. The construct of our choreographic images is minimalistic. The interacting of our individually chosen movements results in a type of dance theatre, that grows from smallest patterns and, thus, multiplies the repetitive structures of the Hip-Hop track chosen by Ariel. The austere, black dance room in the historic Theatre of Rudolstadt radiates a formal purity, readily waiting to be occupied by our bodies.
We embed all interpretations of music, creating aesthetic, complex body images. We constantly invent new gestures reflecting our moods, thus exactly representing the pure desire for life. The eligibility of all artistic work, the guidance and acceptance of your own capability is mine individual perception gained during the festival Theaterwelten. The start is successfully done and my love for dance has been ignited.…

Hanin Tischer

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