Letter from Ashesh Malla (Nepal)

I had planned to give a theatre workshop based on my theatre philosophy of ‘low cost theatre’, which I have developed over my theatre experience of 30 years where I had to produce plays with very minimum finances, sometimes none. I also wanted to share my experience of yoga and meditation techniques, which I believe is very important for any theatre person. But, in May, Nepal was badly affected by the

7.6 rectarscale earthquake, which took away more than 1000 lives, millions became homeless and orphans. Sarwanam Theatre, where I serve as the Director and Artistic Director, thankfully was saved from the calamity but some of our artists have become homeless.

While the entire nation is working day and night to help the earthquake survivors, it is also overwhelming to see the entire world come together to help us during our biggest crisis. The earthquake also took away many of our World Heritage Sites. The aftershocks have not yet stopped. Nepal, being a land locked country, the earthquake has paved way to floods and landslides, and therefore, our country is still facing disasters even after a month.

But, we hope that things will be better soon. And with this hope, we Nepalese are striving each day uniting with each other, to face the biggest disaster of our lives. I am really sorry that I could not be a part of the workshop but I am sure, such opportunity will come in future very soon. Till then I am working hard to rebuild my country.

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