Theatre in Latin America – Rhythm, Motion and Energy

Sandra Monteagudo and Jorgelina Balsa from Argentina electrified their eleven workshop participants with their infectious energy and joyful enthusiasm. From the very start, no theory concepts or historical stories mattered, but moving your own bodies did. Multiple impulses like flash-cards demonstrating different motions or diverse musical genres were the source of inspiration. Time and again, copying and altering the movements of fellow participants led to new motion studies and challenging improvisations. Each participant was allowed to carefully explore his own limits of agility. The continual switch between immobilization and action, between your own idea of motion and those of the fellow participants created exciting compositions. However, the group as a team was in the focus. Through improvisation the participants learned to observe and to respond to the signals of the others. Inspired by music and the singing of the fellow actors short sceneries were put together in twos or in small teams. Later, these ideas were altered, deepened or turned into something new after useful tips from the two workshop leaders. Everyday objects, chanting and short scripts in the participants’ various mother tongues were smartly included. This created atmospheric images and entertaining stories. Thus, unusual scenes of unusual moods were created: full of energy and loud one time, quiet the other time; acrobatic on one occasion, on the contrary romantic or sad; very often very humorous. However, concentration and relaxation didn’t miss out: massages, relaxation in combination with the group’s choral chanting ensured quiet yet intensive moments, which were just as valuable for the team’s work to get the body back to motion. With appreciation to the two thoughtful and gentle workshop leaders and the positive reception of the group an own rhythm was quickly shaped and the group grew together as a real team even in such a short time. The presentation during the colourful closing event on Sunday morning represented that spirit.


Simon Isser

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