Welcome at Theaterwelten!

Theaterwelten is…..

Six productions from Africa, Latin America, North America, Asia, Australia, Oceania and Europe are representing the dialogue of cultures. The festival is being organized every other year.

Theatre experts from six world regions provide workable insight in the field of theatrical story-telling and theatre techniques from their regions.

Here, the focus is on fundamental questions of the international theatre work: theatre as a social force, theatre of cultural diversity, the prospect of global theatre work

The digital continuation of real encounters, a permanent forum of reflection. Of research, of new and old perspectives.

What is important to us!
Theaterwelten is an artistic, cultural network at eye level. Interconnections, which are made during the festival are intended to be maintained, broadened and widened. The dialogue is open to new partners, individuals, groups and festivals, new ideas, different perspectives, the well-known and the unknown – all over the world.

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