Group Tanzania // »Kigamboni Community Center« (KCC)

Since its foundation in 2007 the Kigamboni Community Center (KCC) is an important place to go for kids and adolescents of the district Kigamboni in Dar el Salaam, a Tanzanian city inhabitating 5 million people. Aiming to fight poverty with social, cultural and economic participation, KCC offers free school lessons and training programmes. These are supposed to enhance the chances of living an independent life, by increasing career prospects. This includes preschool, private tuition, English- and Computer classes, as well as a Peer Education Programme that informs about HIV, (sexual) violence and prostitution. Cultural activities consist of courses in dance, theatre, acrobatics, music and handicraft. During their performances participants discuss social problems but also climate change. The latter is an increasingly important issue in a country that belongs to the top 20 of the world’s most vulnerable states affected by climate change.


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