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When we chose this motto for 2021, we never imagined that we would hit the nerve of the times in such a way. Taking a certain attitude is the personal...
in cooperation with the Russian National Centre of AITA/IATA, the Central European Committee (CEC) and Northern European Amateur Theatre Alliance (NЕАТА) Programme & Application Following the success of the 1st...
Welcome to Rudolstadt! In June 2022 from the 9th till the 12th the festival Theaterwelten will be will be held again in Rudolstadt. The mayor Jörg Reichl is already looking forward to welcoming theater-enthusiastic people from all over the world.


Theaterwelten digital 21 came to an end. Cameras and computers are back in their places and the studio is an office again. But the most important thing remains and will continue – the Theaterwelten Network and the view of Theaterwelten 2022.

Omid Mashhadi is a scholar of performance studies as well as a theatre director and performance artist. In 2011, he founded and has since co-directed the research-artistic group “Still Life”...
Yorrith de Bakker(1990, BE) is a choreographer, dancer and performer. He graduated in 2012 at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp with his bachelor performance ‘Mankind’. He started working for Troubleyn/Jan...
In 1976 The St. George Theater for Young People was found by Errol Bray and evolveld over the decades into Shopfront Arts Co-op. It´s the only cross-art form organisation dedicated...
The artistic moderation of the Festival Theaterwelten, which will take place in 2021 and was moved to the digital world of the internet from the venue in Rudolstadt. How can...
»In this short lecture I will give a historical account from the beginning of Ancient Greek theater. I will draw a parallel between mythology trough the Male gaze and gender appropriation.«
Seenaryo will be presenting a scene from its recent production by youth living in Lebanon, I see my ghost coming from afar. The play was created in cooperation with the Goethe Institut Libanon, Dar Al Aytam Al Islamiya and Yaabad Scout Troupe (also thanks to the Artist House and Sunflower Theatre).
Nassoro Mkwesso, one of the founders of the KCC, will start the session by sharing a short theatre performance. The play is about women who stand on their own feet and who have to deal with lot's of problems concerning the system of patriarchy.
Within 45 minutes session, Omid Mashhadi will be giving insights into his current research project. The focus is on amateur theatre as a cultural force and artistic strategy, as a counter-narrative to the dominant cultural narratives.
What about the images of masculinity on my own stage? Which pieces do we play, which roles do we assign to whom and what is behind it? Do men also work in our office? Do women build the stage here? Who is our board of directors? Have we ever thought queer and if so, then where and when?
Theatre Studio “11” will be taking us on a journey through our bodies. Starting with a scene from their performance “The Divine Comedy. Inferno” in which our thoughts are reflected and morals are questioned and challenged.
…through movement, sound and the exchange of energy between the two. Elisa Medina and Nacho Cárcaba share their most recent artistic experiment: RICHARD CHARLIE. They explore there how to live together, how to share their reality, how to love each other.
On the stage – around the stage – behind the stage. Which tasks do we intuitively connote as “male”? Whether who comes up with the idea of wanting a certain activity and when, depends a lot on previous experience and (semi) conscious role models.


Digital Festival 2021

17. - 20. June


Theaterwelten is a festival and a network of the international amateurtheater at the same time. The festival is hosted once every two years. Six performances from Africa, Latin America, North America, Asia, Australia, Oceania and Europe stand for the encounter of the worlds of theater on eye level.

Theater makers from all around the world give practical insights in their theatrical narrative forms and playing techniques in sic workshops. A symposium explores global questions of theater in a world in transition. The network will be further linked digitally. There is room for news, information, collaboration, reflection, research, pictures, ideas, old and new perspectives.

Theaterwelten sees theater as social force, theater as transcultural diversity, theater in global and local perspectives. Dialog is open for new partners, individuals, groups and festivals, for new ideas, different perspectives, familiar and unknown – all around the world.

Theaterwelten are many.

Boards that mean the world. What turns out to be foolishness today seemed possible in Shakespeare’s time: to grasp the world as a unity, that can be captured from a single, the european, perspective. Politically and economically we already live in the awareness of globalization. But speaking of culture, the hybrid concept that Europe is the middle of the world still comes to mind. Europe, so the claim, is the own and outside of Europe is the foreign. This is especially true for our meaning of Theater. That’s how we train and develop and that’s how we measure the quality of a theatrical performance. Theory and practice of the so called european Theater are the scale and fixed star of our judgement. With Theaterwelten we want to release ourselves from that fixation.

Theaterwelten wants to open the view for the diversity of theatrical forms. Concrete and active experience enables an understanding of other theater terms and other meanings of theater in the regions of the world. Central to us is the trio of experience through performances, acting in joint workshops and reflecting in the symposium.

The aim and principle of Theaterwelten is the encounter of the supposedly own with the foreign on an equal footing: therefore six theater groups from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania (as well as the two Americas) are invited to shape the festival on an equal footing (1 workshop, 1 performance).

Theaterwelten stands for an expanded concept of theater work. It’s about how we understand social and cultural processes in their diversity and how we respond to them. The understanding of theater cannot be limited to aesthetic categories, but has to include political and social criteria. Theater is a social force.

A concrete, culturally shaped worldview emerges in theater. In their cultural diversity, the forms of theater in the world regions create a heterogeneous understanding of the world. Theaterwelten enables people to sustainably achieve new approaches and participation in global, cultural diversity. Our vision is to find partners for Theaterwelten in many places in order to build up a sustainable network. In order not to let the thread of this network break, this platform will be continued on Theaterwelten. Here you can follow the latest, trace the past and shape the future. The platform is a forum for everyone who wants to participate.



Theaterwelten is a project of the International Office in the Bund Deutscher Amateurtheater e.V. It stands for the joint work on a sustainable transcultural theater network. Theaterwelten promotes these processes through the digital platform, the festival of the same name, the support of game encounters, the exchange of skilled workers and cooperation with international partners. 

Darina Startseva

Stephan Schnell


Festival promoter




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