Symposium »Theatre and Safe Spaces« // Skills certificates to demonstrate young people’s strengths

Sat, October 15, 2022 // 2:30 pm
Württembergische Landesbühne (Podium I)

PhD Dorothea Taube, Research Associate, Department for General Education, University of Bamberg

Rolf Witte, Head of Cultural Education International, BKJ

Volkmar Liebig, Head of project “global”, BKJ

How is it possible for (young) people to become aware of their strengths within the scope of theater pedagogy measures and cultural youth education in general? How can they become aware of their relationship to others and to the world in order to be able to actively shape it? It is very difficult to prove, that effects of education or the increase in skills or competences are the direct and explicit result of cultural youth work, because this is not directly tangible and not easily measurable. Furthermore, the young people’s experiences vary greatly and are influenced by many factors during their participation in such educational endeavors. As a result, causal links between the educational intentions of the organisers and what ultimately reaches the young participants can only be demonstrated on a point-by-point basis.

Nevertheless, in order to explore together with the (young) people in a structured framework what impact their participation in cultural youth education projects has had on their strengths, their weaknesses, their knowledge and their skills and competences, the German Association for Arts Education and Cultural Learning (BKJ) has developed the ‘Cultural Competency Record’ (KNK). The common findings are recorded in that certification document. In order to be able to use the KNK specifically for youth exchanges with partners from the Global South as such as in the contexts of Education for Sustainable Development, the BKJ has initiated a process, that takes into account the specific features of such educational formats, e.g. aspects of transcultural learning, and, if possible, also is attractive to young people from southern partner countries.

As part of THEATERWELTEN, Dorothea Taube, Rolf Witte and Volkmar Liebig will present this new tool and invite to discuss it from a global perspective together with the festival’s collaborators and guests from all over the world.

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