Group Mexico // »Elisa Medina« and »Nacho Cárcaba«

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Elisa Medina and Nacho Cárcaba are both trained contemporary dancers, with shared interests that go in the directions of choreography, performance, dance, theatre, martial arts and music. Elisa is the founder of the Pájaro Mosca Project, dedicated to movement creation and research. She was awarded the international residence subsidy several times. Elisa was awarded the second place at the Burgos-New York International Dance Competition 2018 (Street Dance category).

Nacho is the director of the bàron rat dance company and has performed at Cia. Vero Cendoya, Cia La Taimada and Shreyashee Nag dance company. He was also awarded the LA DANZA INUNDA SANTANDER 2018, the SÓLODOS EN DANZA 2018, COSTA RICA 2019 TOUR and second place in the Burgos-New York International Choreographic Contest 2018 (Hip Hop category).

In their creative partnership, they are eager to simply accompany each other. They meet in the necessity of having an artistic scene that comes from the possibility of bringing love and affection to others and this is their main engine of creation. Elisa and Nacho are seekers. All is in the imaginary of being themselves, going to a place and sharing their reality, their laboratory, how can they love each other in a better way. With this in mind, they create and share their work together.


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