Workshop Mexico // »How to love Bonito?«

Referents: Elisa Medina and Nacho Cárcaba, street dancer and choreographer, a Spanish-Mexican artistic duo.

In their workshop, Elisa and Nacho will take participants on a loving and poetic journey of movement.

„How to love Bonito?“

Through movement, sound and the exchange of energy between the two. Elisa Medina and Nacho Cárcaba share their most recent artistic experiment: RICHARD CHARLIE. They explore there how to live together, how to share their reality, how to love each other.

RICHARD CHARLIE are two persons, two concepts, and two real persons of Nacho’s little town La Pola Siero (Asturias, Spain). Richard is the fruit platter and Charlie is a builder. Elisa and Nacho embody both characters and none of them.

The improvisation extends over four spaces: 1) physical, with music and singing presentation; 2) “handbook on how to love bonito”; 3) choreographic unisono; and 4) final union. The performance is an improvisation through these spaces. The piece is always new and always different. The methodology of the creation is decided by the bodies and instruments… Nacho and Elisa use all these things, all that they have in their lives to meet each other in the space and affect each other.


Fr 14th Oct. 2022 // 09.00 am – 12.00 pm // Kommunales Kino

Fr 14th Oct. 2022 // 02.00 pm – 04.00 pm // Kommunales Kino

Sa 15th Oct. 2022 // 09.00 am – 01.00 pm // Alte Spinnerei

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