The Russian government launched a war of aggression against Ukraine without any reason. The Bund Deutscher Amateurtheater is appalled by this blatant violation of international law and the brutal, cold-blooded approach of Russian President Putin. This assault on an independent, sovereign country cannot be justified by anything. We protest the attack and join many others in calling on the Russian President to immediately cease hostilities, withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine, and begin genuine diplomatic negotiations.

77 years after the end of the Second World War the war is once again taking place in Europe and threatening our coexistence.
We feel as people in Germany with the people in Ukraine. They try to protect themselves in air-raid shelters or are currently on the run, they fear for their lives and the lives of their children, parents, relatives and friends, they defend their lives and want to maintain democracy in their country.

The situation makes us extremely sad. As active members of our theater association, we have maintained a trusting, good exchange with cultural workers in Ukraine and Russia for many years. Through these encounters we know that dialogue between people, respect, consideration and trust are preconditions for living in peace.

For many years, civil society in Russia has been under massive pressure and threats of repressive measures by the government. Free engagement is no longer possible. It is all the more impressive that people in Russia are also protesting against the Russian war in Ukraine.

Amateur theater is the art of the common. It initiates, cultivates and promotes artistic encounters, human relationships and friendships. Theater is created in the togetherness of many different voices worldwide and beyond false, inhuman and nationalistic assertions of identity. For the dialogue of cultural diversity and a stage of humanity, we are in solidarity with all people, our friends and colleagues in Ukraine and Russia, who stand up for peace, the freedom of theater and art.


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