Performance Ukraine // »Ukraine on Fire«

Sat, October 15, 2022 // 2:30 pm

Theatre – Studio “11”, Kyiv
das dokumentartheater berlin

The war against Ukraine reached “das dokumentartheater berlin” and the

theatre studio “11” from Kyiv by Vlada Belosorenko.

Some of the Ukrainian actors of the theatre studio “11” fled to safety. Some stayed in Ukraine and do various voluntary jobs. They are trying to keep the art alive.

How does something like that work in war?

dokumentartheater berlin has taken in artists from Ukraine from the theatre – studio “11”.

In the reading “Ukraine on Fire”, excerpts from Irina Sopilnyak’s diary and texts by fellow actors will be read. These are voices from the war in Ukraine, accompanied by music.

Afterwards, there will be a panel discussion “Theatre in War” with the directors Vlada Belosorenko Theatre Studio “11” (Kyiv) and Marina Schubarth ( das dokumentartheater Berlin ).

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Originally planned performance:

The divine comedy. Inferno

Do you think you are someone special? Do you use preachy, moralizing words while talking to a group, but in your mind you call them all ***?

Do the rich steal from the poor? Are the beggars liars? Do you betray your husband? Do you chase every female “deer” you see? Would you prefer being born in another country?

Do you bottle up all your stress? Can you do without meat? Do you condemn people who can’t?

Do you go nuts and beat your child? Just in thought? What would you do if you knew the person who killed your friend? Do you remember the things the Poles did to the Ukrainians in 1930? And the things the Russians do in Donbass?

There is a saying that people’s souls are getting saved after going through all circles of cardinal sins. But this is not for sure.

However, leave your mental luggage- as long as there is time to do so.


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