Festival 2015

The Association of German Amateur Theatre (BDAT) organizes in cooperation with the Thuringian Theatre Association for the first time the worldwide unique amateur theatre project – THEATERWELTEN in Rudolstadt in 2015.

The “THEATERWELTEN” – Kickoff starts with 7 international workshops. International theatre experts from six continents give practical insights into theatre-forms and performing techniques of their regions. Guest performances and discussions about cultural and political issues complete the program of “THEATERWELTEN” The workshops are open for experienced players and directors as well as for beginners. Youth leaders, educators, students, artistic directors and festival organizers who are already internationally active or planning international projects are also welcome.

THEATERWELTEN should be implemented in the future as a permanent biennial international festival in Rudolstadt. The traditional city of Friedrich Schiller has already been hosting theatre festivals from Germany and abroad for 25 years.

The festival offers theater workshops of international theater experts from all continents. The workshops will be hosted in Rudolstadt in the period from 12.06. // 09:00 to 14.06. // 12:00.

Christel Gbaguidi (Benin)


THEATRE IN AFRICA // „Raum-Körper-Flucht“

Christel Gbaguidi – actor and theater educator from West Africa – invites the participants to self-reflection on the terms “identity” and “illegality” in his workshop. As part of the long-term project “The Fleeting Republic”, Christel Gbaguidi has developed special theater techniques for dealing with the subject of “Migration”. The participants have the opportunity to deal with the topic of refugees by means of photos and paintings and to work out their own perception of this topic in theater.
The workshop takes place in German.


THEATRE IN ASIA // „Theater ohne Kosten“


Ashesh Malla – founder and artistic director of the Sarwanam Theater in Kathmandu – is one of the pioneers of political street theater in Nepal. In his workshops he works according to the “theater without costs” concept that he developed. The participants learn, without the use of props or other aids, to develop a play with nothing but their own body and facial expressions. Ashesh Malla offers an introduction to the eastern forms of theater, especially the teachings of Bharata Muni, and combines elements of yoga and meditation.

Ashesh Malla - Asia - Nepal

Ashesh Malla (Nepal)

Mikhail Chumachenko


THEATRE IN EUROPE // „Das System Stanislavsky“

Mikhail Chumachenko – professor at the University of Performing Arts in Moscow – gives in his practical theater training an insight into the most important elements of acting training according to Konstantin Stanislavsky: education, imagination, interaction, communication and perception. The participants are asked to read the one-act plays “The Bear” and “The Marriage Proposal” by Anton Chekhov and, if possible, bring them with them.
The workshop will take place in Russian with a German translation.


THEATRE IN LATINAMERICA // „Listening to the body, moving the voice“

Sandra Monteagudo and Jorgelina Balsa – both theater educators and actresses from Argentina – send the participants of their workshop on a journey of creative experimentation. Starting with eye contact as a universal language, the participants interact with the help of their body language (gestures). Your own mother tongue is not just a communication code (words), but also contains an inner musical meaning (sound). Starting with free improvisation of the individual, a common story develops.
The workshop will be held in English.

Sandra Monteagudo,
Jorgelina Balsa (Argentina)

Rangimoana Taylor / Photo: Stephen A’Court


THEATRE IN OCEANIA // „Theater der Maori“

Maori artist Rangimoana Taylor and Pakeha (non-Maori) director Bronwyn Tweddle give hands-on insights into traditional Maori theater. The participants get to know the authentic theater forms of the Maori with traditional movements in the imitation of birds, with Maori songs and war dances. The workshop offers an introduction to Maori culture and is at the same time an example of the cultural cooperation between a Maori and a non-Maori.
The workshop takes place in English and German.


THEATRE IN NORTHAMERICA // „Modernes Tanztheater“

Ariel Cohen – actress and dancer from Massachusetts, USA – gives an introduction to modern dance theater in her workshop. With elements from Bartinieff fundamentals, Pilates and contact improvisation, the participants get to know their own body and consciously change their own posture and movements. Starting with improvisation and solo experiments by individuals, a joint dance performance is developed.

The workshop will be held in English.

Ariel Cohen

Jessica Laignel


THEATRE AND DIVERSITY// „Rassismus und critical whiteness“

When talking about theater, when working together, at international encounters, artists often wear national, Eurocentric glasses, consider their own approach to be the only true art and reproduce (racist) clichés in an effort to promote intercultural exchange. “Theater and Diversity. Racism and critical whiteness ”also sensitizes experienced participants to these fundamental aspects in international work.

The workshop takes place in German.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 11.06. // 20:00 p.m. // Theatre Rudolstadt / Schminkkasten OPENING ++ MAIA – the most beautiful girl in the world (a musical narrative theatre of the theatre group  Mafia Théatre et le Théatre Vagabond)

Photo: Arts Vagabonds Rezo Afrik Benin
Photo: Arts Vagabonds Rezo Afrik Benin


“MAIA – The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” is a playful-dancing journey that takes an artistic approach to the themes of diversity, tolerance and forgiveness on the basis of different theatre traditions. In a village somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Maia, a beautiful but physically handicapped girl, is born. This unexpected event brings changes in the contemplative life of the village population. Maia is abandoned in the nearby forest, where she is found and raised by a lioness. Half human, half animal, she meets the young traveller Taia with whom she befriends.

Artists Fidèle Anato and Espérance Gbaguidi have created a play in which storytelling, music and theatre merge. After the performance there will be a conversation with the artists and Christel Gbaguidi.

Theatre box office in the KulTourDiele Rudolstadt // Tel.: 03 672/422 766
Entrance fee: 10,- € // Discount: 5,- €

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 12.06. // 5:30 p.m. // Rathaussaal Rudolstadt KALEIDOSCOPE – an international cultural and political discussion

How necessary is an international theatre exchange in an increasingly globalizing society? Artists and politicians ask themselves this question during a public panel discussion.  

International artists will meet representatives of German politics on the podium. In brief impulses, the panelists present different aspects of international theatre work and discuss the impact of international theatre exchange in the context of cultural policy, civil society and cultural education. The political spokesperson for cultural policy of the group has already agreed to this. DIE LINKE Katja Mitteldorf (MdL), Spokeswoman for Cultural Policy of the SPD Group Dorothea Marx (MdL), Spokeswoman for Cultural Policy of the CDU Group Jörg Kellner (MdL), Stephanie Erben, Spokeswoman for the  Federal Alliance 90 / DIE GRÜNEN, Mayor of Rudolstadt Jörg Reichl and Dr. Thomas Engel, Director of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). This event is moderated by the one responsible for international affairs at the BDAT Stephan Schnell.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 12.06. // 8:30 p.m. // Rathaussaal Rudolstadt FEEDBACK IN THEATER – a presentation on theatre criticism // How do I practice artistic criticism?)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 13.06. // 6 p.m. // Rathaussaal Rudolstadt THEATER IN AFRICA – a discussion forum with a photo presentation

Photojournalist Charles Codjo Placide Tossou presents photos of the “Festival International de Théatre du Bénin(FITHEB)“ at the Africa Forum . This photo exhibition is the start of the planned platform for the promotion of African theatre in Germany “Petit FITHEB de Berlin”, which wants to present highlights of FITHEB in Germany every two years.

 In 1990, BENIN (West Africa) initiated the largest theatre festival in Africa “Benin International Theatre Festival (FITHEB)”. Every two years, different professional and amateur theatre productions come together at the festival. FITHEB aims to present a wide variety of African theatre forms and to provide new artistic impulses. The 12th edition of the Biennale took place from 6 to 14 December 2014.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 13.06. // 9 p.m. // Theater Rudolstadt / Schminkkasten DEJA VU – theatre group “Ensayando Sueños” from Patagonia, Argentina (theatre performance)


There is war among the people. Two soldiers of hostile armies decide to run away from the battlefield. They meet and discover a new unknown freedom. They reach the sea and embark on a journey in search of new countries and new hopes. They have a lot to do in their floating little world: They need something to eat and they need to believe that there is another shore so they don’t sink into despair. …

Sandra Monteagudo and Jorgelina Balsa – both theatre teachers and actresses – present the South American country of Argentina at the festival.


Theatre box office in the KulTourDiele Rudolstadt // Tel.: 03 672/422 766
Entrance fee: 10,- € / discount : 5,- €

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 14.06. // 11:30 a.m. // Theatre Rudolstadt / Schminkkasten PRESENTATIONS AND OVERVIEW IN THE 3-DAYS WORKSHOP WORK


Tickets for the performances of MAIA (musical narrative theatre from Africa) and DEJA VU (performance from Argentina) are available at the theatre box office. Admission to all other public events is free.

Theatre box office in the KulTourDiele Rudolstadt // Tel.: 03 672/422 766
Entrance fee: 10,- €
Discount: 5,- €


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