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Theater global: experience, action and reflection!

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome to the International Festival “Theaterwelten” in Rudolstadt. This edition is taking place from 20. – 23.06.2019 in Rudolstadt.

Exciting performances from Asia (Malaysia), South America (Argentina), North America (Cuba) Europe (Finland) and Africa (Algeria) are programmed during the festival. International theatre experts from five continents give practical insights into theatre-forms and performing techniques of their regions. The conference will be held this year as a barcamp under the motto “ theatre and community.” In this open space format, the focus is on your own topics. Participants enjoy a Festivalcamp with an unforgettable festival spirit. The Association of German Amateur Theatre (BDAT) and the Thuringian Theatre Association organize “Theaterwelten” every two years in Rudolstadt. Register

Here you can find our workshop flyer and program flyer.

Europe / Ilves-Teatteri from Helsinki (Finland)


Thu, June 20, 7:30 p.m.
Theatre in the Town Hall

Who’s Abulkasem? This question is the subject of the fast-paced comedy by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, one of the most important contemporary Scandinavian dramatists. In a breathtaking rhythm, the award-winning production unleashes an absurd play with words, images and all the registers of the theatre in search of Abulkasem’s identity. Is he an alien intruder, a distant uncle, a terrorist or a theatre director? Four young actors transform themselves into ever new versions of Abulkasem. In this game about prejudices, right and wrong cultural identity, the question “Who is Abulkasem?“ transforms to the question “Who am I? Is it me?”


“Multilingual stage – the opportunities and challenges of multilingualism in the performing arts”
Facilitator: Meimi Taipale, Finland

The workshop deals with the theme of multilingualism on stage and aims to improve the linguistic accessibility in the field of performing arts. The concept of this workshop is to introduce participants to challenge themselves and others to communicate and work multilingually. We will work in a space with and without the same linguistic (spoken, bodily and semiotic) and cultural backgrounds. Which opportunities and challenges do we face? The workshop encourages participants to recognize and enhance multilingualism as an artistic practice. We aim to give tools and methods to produce and present art in multilingual environments.
The workshop will be held in English.

Africa / Gleam Group from Skigda (Algeria)

Performance: SCREEM OF PAIN

Fri, June 21, 19:30 p.m.
Theatre in the Town Hall

“Scream of pain” is a parable about the fundamental conflicts of the present, which addresses negative aspects of globalization. Under the guise of modernity and civilizational progress, people are manipulated and their consciousness controlled. Local culture, economy and even the education of the people become the plaything of destructive powers. The performance of the Gleam Group gives attention to a burning topic by the current situation in Algeria.


“Creating character and mind control with metatheatre methods”
Facilitator: Yahia Boudoucha, Algeria

In this workshop the participants will learn how to be able to create a character on the stage with several types of metatheatre methods; physically, socially, physiologically. The participants will use their vision to make the best character on the stage, using techniques to explore physicality and enhance character transformation. The workshop aims to develop methods of mind control starting with eye concentration, mind concentration and physical concentration. The participants will develop from the middle of the workshop their own theatre episode based on the new learned techniques. The workshop will be held in English.

SOUTH AMERICA / Toia & Callaci from Sante Fee (Argentina)

El Ángel de la Valija /An angel with a suitcase

Friday, June 21, 21:00 p.m.

Ezequiel Sanguinetti is an ordinary person who lives in a small community. One day he will be chosen for a very special assignment. He will be an angel. To turn into an angel, he has to let go of everything and get rid of anything. But he doesn’t want to get rid of his suitcase. Severe Callaci uses the game of transformation to create ten different characters that tell a story between heaven and earth, bond and freedom.


“Magic reality. Improvisation”

Facilitators: Severo Callaci and Agustina Toia (Argentina)

The workshop is based on an improvisation technique that allows to work certain associative devices of the actor in the body, space, time and speech. This workshop allows participants to create a world where all objects, places and characters can be much more than they already are in themselves. It is a game where participants are going to try to expand the existence of things, play with the imagination, posing reality as magic, and from there to modify it. The workshop will be held in English.

ASIA / Lee Wushu Arts Theatre from Skudai-Johor (Malaysia)

Dance theatre: Farewell my concubine – the movement of the martyr

Sat, 22 June, 19:30 p.m.
Theatre in the Town Hall

The Lee Wushu Arts Theatre shows King Yu Li’s farewell to his lover, country and horse in a powerful blend of dance, puppet theatre and sword art. In the face of his defeat, the Chinese king Xiang Yu grants freedom to his beloved concubine Yu Ji. A gift that Yu Li cannot accept for the sake of the King. Together they decide to commit suicide. Love is the big theme of this dance play. The story is an over 2000-year-old Chinese fairy tale, known as “Farewell, My Concubine”, which became famous as the Beijing Opera (1932) and provided the backdrop for the corpse novel (1985) and award-winning film (1992).


“The strength and grace of martial arts movement”
Facilitator: Lee Swee Seng, Malaysia

This workshop allows participants to experience the explosive power of the body movement and the basic skills of martial arts to blend into the dance. They will learn the basics of the Wushu movements. The Wushu Arts Theatre is a very young form of a theatre, which combines different aspects of dance, storytelling, multi-media effects with Wushu martial arts. This special combination of performing arts and martial arts produces a unique visual and physical aesthetics.

The workshop will be held in English.

North America/ Teatro sobre el camino aus Villa Clara (Cuba)

Las Berbidas son por Pearl/ The drinks are for Pearl

Sat, June 22, 21:30 p.m.

Janis Joplin doesn’t have long to live. The world star knows she has to die. But a party, that’s what she wants. In a snack bar, an improvised bar, this last party takes place in honour of Janis Joplin. During the farewell party, Pearl, as Janis” nicknamed it, transforms the store atmospherically into a stage where freedom is celebrated. The Teatro sobre el camino is a young Cuban theatre group that always seeks to be close to the audience with their dense and emotional play of improvisation and puppet theatre.


„Aliento de Vida – Breath of life
Facilitator: Rafael Martínez Rodríguez (Cuba)

The ancient art of figure theatre knows worldwide a multitude of forms such as hand puppets, stick figures, flat figures, finger puppets, marionettes, the talking puppets, quirks, Esperpentos (grotesque figures), and table puppets. At the centre of this workshop is the table marionette ((Pelele). After an introduction to the mythological background of figure playing and its similarities to other techniques such as Japanese bunraku, the first part of the workshop will produce a “Pelele de mesa” (table marionette). In the second part, basic playing techniques are demonstrated and practiced with the finished figures; the basics of animation are also explained (control of gaze, erection, distance to the base surface) and elementary movements are practiced. “Just as God created man from clay and breathed the breath of life into him, the puppeteer, in analogy to the narrative, will create puppets and bring them to life through the play of his hands”. The workshop will be held in Spanish with German translating.


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